The Art of Travelling in Style
At Discover we have been organizing Professional Incentives for more than 25 years. This gives us the quality to offer you the best and unique luxury programs with VIP service. These Luxury tours are custom made especially for you with a personal VIP treatment. Xplorer LUXURY organizes your journey from presentation to debriefing with an eye for your needs and budget. Travel at Xplorer Luxury we realize and organize everything you want. All you have to do is prepare your luggage, we will arrange the Taxi, flights, trips, accommodations, luxury dinners with star chefs or in exceptional ydillian places. Our travel architects specialize in creating unique wow trips. We provide you with the necessary luxury and privacy. You never have to worry about safety, guarantees, presences, nutrition, medication and such, we take care of everything. We are a member of GFG with lic. A6113, which ensures that you are financially secure and your journey never endangered. We also provide the necessary travel insurance. Until your next trip Marc Van Caenegem General Manager
Wherever you go, we'll delight and surprise you with amazing experiences, gastronomic restaurants, fantastic sights, unexpected venues and private beaches.