FLORIDA GRAND CANYON Easily accessible, well developed and open year-round, the South Rim offers iconic canyon views, almost two dozen official overlooks, historic buildings, multiple trails, museums and ranger talks. Though its accessibility means sharing your experience with many others, particularly in summer, there are all kinds of ways to commune with the canyon and its wildlife, and enjoy its sublime beauty, one on one. Escaping the crowds can be as easy as tramping a hundred yards from an official scenic overlook. And in the evening, when day-trippers have left, you don't have to wander far at all to feel completely alone on the canyon edge. YELLOWSTONE America's iconic first national park, Yellowstone is home to over 60% of the world’s geysers – natural hot springs that periodically erupt in towering explosions of boiling water and steam. And while these astounding phenomena and their neighboring technicolor hot springs and bubbling mud pits draw in the crowds (over 4 million people each year), the surrounding canyons, mountains and forests are no less impressive, teeming with elk, bison, grizzly bears and wolves.
Algemene Info Verblijf & Periode Min 4 dagen - 3 nachten zijn ideaal het ganse jaar door, ook in de winter kan er een programma opgmaakt worden Beste zonnige periode is april - Mei - Juni - September - Oktober ! Logistiek ER zijn dagelijkse vluchten Brussels - Dubrovnik Highlights